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Tie In To The

Vertical World

Event Price

Our event price varies by location in accordance with local guiding and lodging rates

Seneca Rocks, WV 

Our events in Seneca Rocks are extra special to us because this is where CWN got its start.  Seneca Rocks was our home base for many years. We are happy to say we will continuing hosting events here once a year -- don't miss us while we're in town! 

Joshua Tree, CA


We are happy to announce that Joshua Tree is now our new home base! In addition to offering private guiding, we will host two events a season in this magical desert! Come join us for an event in our new home!

What's Included 

We provide breakfast both mornings, and Saturday night dinner. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, hate mushrooms... let us know! We are proud of our hardy, healthy, home-cooked meals!

We teach climbing in a progressive manner that sets you up for success as you grow as a climber. Our curriculum is designed to teach you skills in such a way that they can be transferred to other styles of climbing. 

As a way to promote female camaraderie we provide indoor sleeping accommodations for the weekend. This provides us with a space to have meals together, and to connect with the women around you. 

Saturday night is ladies night! Celebrate climbing like a girl in this male dominated sport with an open discussion, slideshow, and a raffle while soaking up the energy created when a group of women get together!

The whole reason we're here -- to geek out on gear! We provide all of your climbing gear  and will guide you in building or refining your personal gear list to aid in future climbing adventures!

We maintain 2:1 student to instructor ratios creating the perfect balance of a group experience with customized instruction. Learn at your rate while connecting with other women.