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Chicks With Nuts invites all women (trans and cis) and enbies to join us at our events. Our goal is to create a safe, inclusive space built on a foundation of respect that promotes a healthy learning environment. Harassment of any kind will NOT be tolerated at any event or within the CWN community. 

We recognize that while our intentions in creating a safe space for women are good, our actions (or in-action) may unintentionally exclude trans and non-binary voices. We feel we have an opportunity and a responsibility to change the way women's spaces view transgender and non-binary inclusion. CWN is always seeking out gender non-binary and trans individuals to aid us in this process of education and inclusion. While this is an area in which we are lacking, our goal is to tackle this head on to turn this weakness into a strength. We thank you for your patience in our learning process, and for your assistance in helping us become a more educated, diverse, and inclusive organization.


We invite you to learn along with us -- click on these links to explore more: