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We host instructional climbing events for women that primarily focus on multi-pitch Trad climbing. Our experienced, certified guides turn the mountains into the ultimate classroom for teaching by incorporating curriculum into a day of guided climbing. Maintaining 2:1 student to instructor ratios allows us to better provide high-quality, customized instruction to climbers of all experience levels. 



We love trad climbing and have a passion for teaching. We're also women, and have first hand experience with the camaraderie that is created when women team up in the mountains. We want to cultivate more of that, so that's what we do. We mentor. We empower. We connect. And we do this through climbing. 



Oh, we almost forgot! In addition to two days of climbing instruction and climbing equipment, we include lodging, breakfast, and Saturday night dinner in the price of our event! Learn more about our program, what's included, and event dates or contact us today to register for an event! 

Chicks With Nuts was founded in 2011 by Kelly Fields (she/her) as a way to bring women together to teach them how to become more knowledgable Trad climbers. We had the intention of hosting one event during our opening season. By the end of our first season we had hosted three events in Seneca Rocks, WV.

Since then we have gone on to host events year round, migrating seasonally between Seneca Rocks, WV and Joshua Tree, CA. We have helped hundreds of women advance their climbing skills while making valuable connections with other women. Participants have gone on to become professional climbing guides, climb long routes in the alpine, as well as make life-long friendships with other women.

As we have grown, we have made it a priority to create more opportunities for women in climbing by building a team of professional female guides, creating apprenticeship opportunities for women aspiring to become guides, and by supporting the women behind the scenes at our events by seeking out female chefs, photographers, and Airbnb hosts.


Each of our events incorporates a family connection that was an integral part of Kelly's growth as a climber. Kelly grew up climbing with her family who played a large role in helping us get these events off the ground. Her mother cooks delicious meals for the events, her father and brother travel to events to take photographs, and her sister (a professional guide) has guided for many events. We are a small business with a big heart.  

Climbing can do so much more than push you physically. Trad climbing especially is a sport that works your body and mind. The mental benefits of coping with fear and other challenges will carry over into your daily life. This is a trade that can take you all over the world, introducing you to different cultures, belief systems, and people. Trad climbing is about having an adventure with the people you love, and Chicks With Nuts is about sharing those adventures with other women. Our only word of caution before embarking on this adventure is to watch out because it is highly addictive!

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Thanks To Our Friends

Our events would not be the same without support from our friends. Check out our sponsors page or click on the logos below to learn more about the organizations giving back to women in the climbing world. 

Cliffhanger Guides
Joshua Tree Coffee Company
Misty Mountain Threadworks
Seneca Rocks Mounain Guides

Who We Are

We invite all women (trans and cis) and enbies to join us at our events. Our goal is to create a safe, inclusive space built on a foundation of respect that promotes a healthy learning environment. Harassment of any kind will NOT be tolerated at any event or within the CWN community. 

Our most recent events for Seneca Rocks, WV have been canceled due to COVID-19. We hope to see you all back on the East coast when this storm passes. 

In the meantime, check out dates for JoshuaTree, events and stay in touch with us through social media for special online events. Take care, and wash your hands! 

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